Reservation, sales and delivery policies for Retail, Corporate, Government and Used Cars Sales

Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies Company adheres to the following principles when customers apply for Ford vehicles reservation and purchase:

  1. Sales consultants will introduce themselves to the showrooms visitors and demonstrate the products that the company is selling to the clients with full transparency and honesty.
  2. Sales offers presented to clients shall be clear in content and details so that all clients know what is being offered to them and the extent of the commitment and service that the company will provide to them.
  3. All quotations will include a clear description of the purchased vehicle, a comprehensive description of the offer and method of payment, and details of any additional charges.
  4. Contracts or receipts used shall comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  5. Any warranty provided to customer by sales consultant will be in accordance with the Ford Warranty Guidelines.
  6. Aftersales services are described accurately and clearly clarifying to the clients the locations of the maintenance centers closest to them.
  7. As soon as the customer completes the purchase transaction, sales consultant, in coordination with the aftersales customer service team, will book an initial appointment for the first visit for periodic maintenance and will explain to the customer the steps used to confirm the appointment or change the time or/and location of the maintenance if necessary.
  8. Any issued receipt or any copy of any contract shall include the name of sales consultant, the branch address, and contact details.
  9. Reservations and advance payments:
    • It is not possible to reserve a car in the stock without a 100% refundable down payment (not less than SR. 5,000). The reservation information is recorded in the company’s system to ensure that the priority of the reservation is not lost, and the customer will be notified of the expected date of delivery.
    • No down payment is required to reserving a vehicle that has not been entered into the company’s inventory. And in this case, the customer’s name is placed on a waiting list and notified when confirmed information is available about the cars’ arrival in stock to complete the booking and sale procedures.
    • In the case of special orders: a refundable down payment is obtained upon the confirmation of the request by the customer, and a payment receipt is issued indicating the expected date of arrival of the car without any responsibility on the company in the event of delay in the arrival of the car because of any event outside the control of the company or force majeure.
10. Delivery:
    • Pre-delivery and plate issuance: The customer will be informed of the disclosure form and the notes in the car, and the customer’s approval and sign the notes or his representative, and his approval is needed to complete the procedures and to issue the plates.
    • Sales consultant will implement the steps of delivering the sold car to the customer, including an adequate and complete explanation of the car's specifications and how it works.
    • If the delivery is delayed beyond the specified date for reasons beyond the control of the company, for example, but not limited to, the malfunction of the registration systems or the inability to link the insurance to the sold car on the government systems, or the transportation of cars has stopped due to special circumstances, the customers will be notified through Sales consultant with the updated delivery time.

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