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AL Jazirah Vehicles Agencies

Since its inception, the auto industry in the United States and probably around the world has been closely associated with Ford Motor Co., the leading auto maker established by Henry Ford. Ford vehicles were first introduced in the Kingdom by the U.S President as a gift to the late King Abdul Aziz. In the 1940s Ford became the vehicle of choice for the Saudi people especially as Saudi Aramco adopted Ford vehicles as one of their main trusted car fleet brands.

The introduction of Ford vehicles in the Kingdom has initiated long standing bonds of trust and dependability which Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies Company Ltd cultivated as the first Ford Dealer in Saudi. It is a unique business relationship that has grown between this world-renowned auto maker and the car owners in Saudi Arabia.

Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies Co. Ltd. started back in 1986 with one location to store and sell vehicles. Now, after more than 37 + years, Al Jazirah Vehicles has grown to operate through 150+ points of sale across the Kingdom.