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Our Mudmoon Checkup ensures that your Ford vehicle qualifies for Mudmoon program for extended warranty. This check guarantees that you can enjoy the best performance from your vehicle for 199 riyals and make you feel that your vehicle became brand new once more.

Screening check offer includes:

A/C performance.

  • Engine performance.
  • Transmission performance.
  • Suspension check.
  • Computer check.
  • Coolant check.
  • 25% discount on parts & labor for any repair needed.

Terms and Conditions apply:

  • Offer valid until 28th February, 2023
  • Price includes Computer test and multi-check point (Does not include VAT).
  • This offer includes 2015 Ford models and newer (mileage shouldn’t exceed 220,000 Km).
  • Offer also includes imported cars from the GCC.
  • The inspection will not cover the engine or transmission dismantle.
  • The inspection will not cover the noises from any components.
  • All above will be physical and computer inspection.
  • The above check qualifies your Ford vehicle for Mudmoon program which is the most comprehensive coverage.
  • Mudmoon program covers the cost of spare parts and labor costs caused by the defect in materials or unsatisfactory craftsmanship or as a result of corrosion and damage to all the parts mentioned in the contract. (More than 1000 components)
  • Price does not include VAT.
  • Terms & conditions apply.

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