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Six essential health inspections for Ford vehicles, performed by Al Jazirah Service Experts For SR 199! In addition to 25% discount on spare parts and labor charges for any additional repairs.

Mudmoon Check Includes

  • Computer check
  • Air conditioner performance
  • Coolant check
  • Suspension system
  • Transmission performance
  • Engine performance

Terms and Conditions

  • The offer is valid until 31st May 2024.
  • The offer includes a computer check and a multi-point check.
  • The offer includes Ford vehicles 2016 and newer models (with a mileage of no more than 220,000 km).
  • The offer also includes cars imported from the GCC countries.
  • The inspection does not include dismantling the engine or transmission.
  • The inspection does not include noise checks from any/all components.
  • All of the above are part of the manual and computer inspection.
  • This inspection qualifies your Ford vehicle for the Mudmoon program.
  • The price does not include VAT.
  • Terms and conditions apply.

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