Your Move... Plan your car’s maintenance

Service centers at Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies provide you with the agency’s reliable check-up for free in addition to a 30% - 40% discount on more than 2,500 maintenance points and get a detailed report on all the repairs that are recommended for your car so you can choose what suits you.

Book a Service

خطط صيانة وإصلاح سيارتك

Book a Service

How it works

  • Request the Free health check form the receptionist/service advisor
  • The receptionist/service advisor will open a job card with the campaign code “HEALTHCHECK”
  • The technician will perform the vehicle health check & identify the urgent and recommended repairs
  • Then you will be given a quotation for those repairs with discounted prices (30% to 40% on more than 2,500 repairs)
  • Upon approval on any of the mentioned repairs you will be eligible to receive a valuable gift
  • Please refer to the document here for more information

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Vehicle Health Check includes all the items as shown in the sample
  • Any specific system/Ford diagnosis is not part of the free health check
  • Periodic Services are not included or covered by this offer

*Receive your instant gift when performing any repair and have the opportunity to win weekly and monthly gifts

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