Ramadan Service Offers

Season of generosity has arrived, take this opportunity to bring your Ford or Mercury car for a certified dealer checkup no matter the model or mileage for free. The checkup includes different systems (80 points) and computer quick test (Data Trouble Codes check).

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Up to 40% discount on over than 700 repairs related to the following parts and systems:

      -   Cooling System: Radiator, water pump, hoses, cooling fan, thermostat and others.

      -   AC system: Evaporator, condenser, heater, hoses, compressor, switches, valves, Freon and others

      -   General repairs: Springs, Insulators, stabilizer bars, Arms, joints, linkages, Knuckles, steering rods, Clutches, Drive shafts, steering columns,
          front and rear axles, differential bearings, pedals, rods, steering gears, Flanges, steering dampers, steering pump, axles’ rubbers, fan clutches,
          compressor clutches and others.

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