Since its inception, the auto industry in the United States and probably around the world has been closely associated with Ford Motor Co., the leading auto maker established by Henry Ford. Ford vehicles were first introduced in the Kingdom from the U.S President as a gift to the late King Abdul Aziz and in the 1940s the Saudi people have come to see Ford vehicles being widely used by Aramco.

The introduction of Ford vehicles in the Kingdom has initiated long standing bonds of trust and dependability which Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies Company Ltd cultivated as Ford Dealer. It is a unique business relationship that has grown between this world renowned auto maker and the car owners in Saudi Arabia.

Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies' beginning in 1987 was very humble. Its head office was simply a tent erected on a yard used to store vehicles. Its staff was fewer than 10. Now, after 30 years, Al Jazirah has grown to operate through 200+ sales points across the Kingdom.

Al Jazirah workforce exceeds 4000 employees highly qualified to carry out their duties with professional efficiency and diligence.

Al Jazirah’s successes in the past years astounded everyone. It has been able to market all kinds of vehicles far greater than any forecasted figure. And so it has been recognized among the first winners of prizes. In 2012 alone, Al Jazirah was ranked first worldwide in its sales of the Expedition model; number one dealer of Ford brands in the world; the biggest 3 Ford showrooms and the best marketers of Ford spare parts globally. Through the years, Al Jazirah has received many commendations and prizes.

This corporate success is attributed to the strategic vision which focuses on prioritizing total quality for winning customers' satisfaction. The policy is followed by all branches which are distributed to most of the Kingdom’s regions.

Al Jazirah vehicles distinguish itself with its excellent after-sale-services. It involves different aspects of giving convenience to customers and fulfilling their satisfaction. These services include:

Al Jazirah Vehicles has an integrated chain of warehouses for spare parts. In Jeddah, there is the spare parts central warehouse, one of the largest of its kind in the Middle East. It is linked with Ford warehouses in the U.S. Locally it serves daily over 60 company’s branches and 40 wholesale dealers. This warehouse stocks 150 thousand items which are stored and retrieved electronically.

Al Jazirah Vehicles has an integrated chain of warehouses for automobiles in Jeddah, Dammam and Riyadh. They can accommodate hundreds of vehicles of different kinds. Movements at these warehouses never stop as orders are sent to various branches throughout the Kingdom to be delivered to customers on time.

The development of the company's human resources takes a strategic importance in Al Jazirah's corporate planning and policies. And so it has been able through recruitment and training to reach 40% of Saudization rate. A number of agreements have been signed with universities, institutes and the Human Resources Fund for the training of Saudi youth and grooming them for career jobs and bright future.

The company recognizes the importance of maintaining communications with its customers in order to increase their satisfaction. And so it established a call center in Riyadh and equipped it with the technology that can facilitate communications and get the services they want such as booking for maintenance, answering customers’ enquires. Saudi ladies have been recruited to staff the call center and deal with calling customers. Similar call centers will also be established in Jeddah and Dammam. The company appreciates the importance of empowering Saudi women and giving them career roles.

The hallmark of Al Jazirah is dynamic growth and expansion envisioned and produced through carefully thought out and phased planning. And so new sales points and branches are opened that express Ford’s style and trade mark in showrooms, maintenance centers and spare part stores and warehouses. The central concept is to be there wherever the customers are or want to be.

Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies Company has a strong sense of social responsibility and corporate commitments to the welfare of society. The company has never failed to participate in all charitable efforts such as raising public awareness of grave consequences of car accidents and drug abuse and narcotics. A mobile exhibition on drug abuse was organized with the National Committee for Drug Abuse. In sports, the company sponsored Al Jazirah Car Racing Team which activities and achievements have proven its worth in national and regional competitions.

Thus has been the successful journey of Al Jazirah Vehicles through more than 30 years. It was never been all a smooth drive without bumpy roads and challenging hurdles. Al Jazirah has been able to outmatch competitors and acquired gradually over the years a fair share of the Kingdom's auto market. It is poised even to do better: selling more autos by giving customers the best value for their money and the greatest satisfaction. Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies Company is a unique business success story which is still continuing to unfold.